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1. It's up to you. 由你決定

2. I envy you. 我羡慕你

3. How can I get in touch with you?

4. Where can I wash my hands? 洗手間在哪裡?

5. What's the weather like today? 今天天氣如何?

6. Where are you headed? 你要到哪裡去?

7. I wasn't born yesterday! 我又不是3歲小孩!

8. What do you do for relaxation? 你做什麼消遣?

9. It’s a small world. 世界真小!

10. It’s my treat this time. 這次我請客!

11. The sooner the better. 越快越好

12. When is the most convenient time for you?

13. Take your time. 慢慢來、別著急

14. I'm mad about Bruce Lee. 我迷死李小龍了/I'm crazy about rock music. 我對搖滾樂很著迷

15. How do I address you? 我怎麼稱呼你?

16. What was your name again? 請再說一次名字好嗎?

17. Would you care for a cup of coffee? 要一杯咖啡嗎?

18. She turns me off. 她使我厭煩

19. So far so good. 目前為止一切都好

20. It drives me crazy! 它把我逼瘋了!

21. She never showed up. 她一直沒有出現

22. That's not like him. 那不像是他的風格

23. I couldn't get through. 電話打不通

24. I got sick and tired of hotels. 我討厭旅館

25. Be my guest. 請便、別客氣

26. Can you keep an eye on my bag? 幫我看一下包包好嗎?

27. Let's keep in touch. 讓我們保持聯繫

28. Let's call it a day 今天工作就到此結束吧.

29. I couldn't help it. 我沒辦法、不得不

30. Something's come up! 出事了!

31. Let's get to the point! 讓我們來談重點吧!

32. Keep that in mind. 記住那件事

33. That was a close call! 真是千鈞一發!

34. I'll be looking forward to it. 我將期待這一天

35. Chances are slim. 機會很小

36. Far from it. 一點也不

37. I’m behind in my work. 我工作進度落後了

38. It's a pain in the neck. 那真是件麻煩事

39. We're in the same boat. 我們處境相同

40. My mouth is watering. 我在流口水了

41. What do you recommend? 你推薦什麼?

42. I ache all over. 我渾身酸痛

43. I have a runny nose. 我流鼻涕

44. It's out of the question. 這是不可能的

45. Do you have any openings? 你們有職缺嗎?

46. It doesn't make any difference. 沒什麼差別

47. I'm fed up with him. 我受夠他了

48. You can count on us. 你可以信賴我們

49. It doesn't work. 它壞掉了

50. It's better than nothing. 有總比沒有好

51. Think nothing of it. 別放在心上

52. I'm not myself today. 我今天心神不寧

53. I have a sweet tooth. 我喜歡吃甜食

54. I can't express myself very well in English. 我不能很好地用英語表達自己

55. For the time being. 暫時; 暫且; 目前

56. This milk has gone bad. 這牛奶變質了

57. Don't beat around the bush. 別拐彎抹角了

58. It's up in the air. 尚未確定

59. Math is beyond me. 我對數學無能為力

60. It slipped my mind. 我忘了

61. You can't please everyone. 你不可能討好每一個人

62. I'm working on it. 我正在努力

63. You bet! 當然!

64. Drop me a line. 寫封信給我

65. Are you pulling my leg? 你在開我玩笑嗎?

66. Sooner or later. 遲早(都會發生); 時間早晚的問題

67. I'll keep my ears open. 我會留意的

68. It isn't much. 那是微不足道的

69. Neck and neck. 不分上下

70. I'm feeling under the weather. 我覺得不舒服/精神不好/情緒低落

71. Don't get me wrong. 不要誤會我

72. I'm under a lot of pressure. 我壓力很大

73. You're the boss. 聽你的

74. It doesn't make any sense. 毫無意義

75. If I were in your shoes. 如果我是你的話

76. What's this regarding? 這是關於哪方面的?

77. Over my dead body! 休想!

78. Can you give me a hand? 你能幫個忙嗎?

79. We have thirty minutes to kill. 我們有30分鐘的空閒(消磨)時間

80. Whatever you say. 隨便你

81. It'll come to me. 我會想起來的

82. You name it! 你說出來 (列舉出來)

83. Time will tell. 時間會證明的

84. I will play it by ear. 我會見機行事的; 到時候再說

85. You should take advantage of it. 你應該好好利用這個機會

86. Let's talk over coffee. 我們一邊喝咖啡一邊談

87. Take it easy. 放輕鬆; 別緊張; 再見 (這是美國人最喜歡說的話,也可作離別用語)

88. I'm easy to please. 我很容易取悅/相處

89. Let's give him a big hand. 讓我們給他熱烈鼓掌

90. As far as I'm concerned. 就我而言

91. I'm all mixed up. 我全搞混了

92. Let's get together one of these days. 讓我們找一天聚聚

93. He's behind the times. 他落伍了/跟不上時代了

94. I'm pressed for time. 我時間緊迫

95. I'm up to my ears in work. 我忙死了 (忙得不可開交)

96. You can't do this to me. 你不能這麼對我

97. Just to be on the safe side. 為了安全起見

98. I hope I didn't offend you. 希望沒有冒犯你

99. It won't take much time. 不會花很長時間的

100. It's been a long time. 好久不見了

101. It’s nothing. 小事情; 不足掛齒

102. It’s a long story. 說來話長

103. It's about time. 時間差不多了

104. It's incredible! 難以置信!

105. It's hard to say. 難說

106. I can't imagine why. 我想不通為什麼

107. That can't be. 不可能

108. That's really something. 真了不起

109. Are you sure? 你確信嗎?

110. Are you crazy? 你瘋了嗎?

111. Excuse me for a moment. 恕我失陪一會兒

112. I mean it. I'm serious. I'm no kidding! 我是認真的

113. I'll consider this matter. 我會考慮這件事的

114. I'll do something about it. 我會想辦法的

115. What are you talking about?! 你在說些什麼?!

116. I'm afraid I can't. 恐怕我不行

117. I'm dying to see you. 我真想見你

118. I'm flattered. 過獎了

119. I'm not in the mood. 我現在沒那個心情

120. I'm so scared. 我超害怕(恐懼)的!

121. I can't make it! 我趕不上了!

122. You can never tell. 誰也沒把握

123. I won't buy you story. 我不信你那一套

124. It hurts like hell! 疼死啦!

125. It can't be helped. 無能為力

126. Sorry to bother you. 抱歉打擾你 [事情發生之前]/Sorry to have bothered you. 抱歉打擾你[事情發生之後]

127. I'm always punctual. 我總是很準時

128. You may leave it to me. 交給我來辦

129. I wish I could. 不行 (委婉表達法)

130. What's the rush? 什麼事那麼匆忙?

131. What's so funny/ 有什麼好笑的?

132. I couldn't agree more. 我完全同意

133. Stay out of this matter, please. 請別管這事

134. Don't just shake you head. 別光搖頭,想想辦法!

135. Don't jump to conclusions! 別過早(倉促)下結論!

136. That was a lousy movie. 那電影糟透了!

137. Have you thought about staying home? 是否考慮在家待著?

138. I'll come. I give you my word. 我會來的,我向你保證

139. I swear I'll never tell anyone. 我發誓不告訴任何人

140. I'll make it up to you. 我會賠償的

141. I'm very / really / terribly / awfully / extremely sorry. 十分抱歉!

142. Forgive me for breaking my promise. 原諒我食言

143. Let's forgive and forget. 讓我們摒棄前嫌

144. I've heard so much about you! 久仰大名!

145. Don't underestimate me. 別小看我

146. She gives me a headache. 她讓我頭疼

147. It's very annoying. 真煩人

148. He often fails to keep his word. 他常常不遵守諾言

149. You made me feel ashamed of myself. 你讓我感到羞愧

150. I hope it turns out all right. 我希望結果很好

151. I can't handle this alone. 我無法單獨處理這事

152. How long will it take to have this radio fixed? 修理這收音機要多久?

153. Come to me if you're in any difficulty. 有困難來找我

154. Who do you think you are? 你以為你是誰?

155. You're wasting you breath. 你在白費口舌

156. It doesn't seem like that. 似乎不象是那樣

157. Don't get on my nerves! 不要攪得我心煩

158. Everything will be fine. 一切都會很好

159. I'll be ready in a few minutes. 再過幾分鐘就好了

160. I wonder what happened to him. 我不知道他出什麼事了

161. You are just trying to save face. 你只是想挽回面子

162. His argument doesn't hold water. 他的論點站不住腳

163. Your face tells it all. 你的表情透露了一切

164. The days are getting longer. 白天越來越長了

165. You've got to do something. 你一定要想辦法

166. I hope this will teach you a lesson. 希望這會給你一個教訓

167. I feel younger than ever. 我覺得比以前年輕

168. It's a hard job, but I hope he can make it. 這不是件容易的差事,但我希望他能做到

169. Don't look wise. 別自作聰明

170. I'm afraid all my efforts were in vain. 我擔心我的努力全白費了

171. What happened to you memory? 你的記性是怎麼搞的?

172. You're going too far! 你太過分了!

173. Don't bury your head in the sand. 不要逃避現實

174. I have no other choice. 我別無選擇

175. I don't have the nerve to do it. 我沒膽(勇氣)去做

176. It's a matter of life and death. 事關生死

177. Nothing works. 什麼都不對勁

178. Money will come and go. 錢乃身外之物

179. He's been behind bars for almost 30 years. 他坐了將近30年牢

180. If I had known that, I could have helped you. 假如我早知道,我就能幫你了 (最實用的假設語氣)

181. I couldn't care less. 我不在乎

182. You have my word. 我保證

183. He hit the ceiling at the news. 他聽到那消息暴跳如雷/大發雷霆

184. I don't mind staying up late. 我不在乎熬夜

185. You're too outspoken. 你太直率了

186. I can't afford it. 我承擔/買不起

187. I think it's a reasonable price. 我覺得這是個合理的價錢

188. I'd like to try on these hats. 我想試試這些帽子

189. He puts me to shame. 他使我蒙羞

190. Every dog has his day. 凡人皆有得意時

191. Don't give me any excuses. 不要給我任何理由

192. Are you out of you mind? 你瘋了嗎?

193. He's been everywhere. 他到處都去過了

194. What's bothering you? 什麼在困擾你?

195. Who is to blame? 該怪誰?

196. There're a lot of rumors going around. 很多流言流傳著

197. I don't feel up to that. 我覺得不能勝任那工作

198. I'm mad at myself. 我生自己的氣

199. It's raining cats and dogs. 下著傾盆大雨

200. The sky is getting very cloudy. 天空的雲越來越多了

201. You won't get away with this. 你逃不掉懲罰的

202. I'm tired of going to school day after day. 我厭倦每天上學

203. Who am I supposed to see? 我應該去見誰?

204. His idea is childish. 他的想法很幼稚

205. I need small change. 我需要零錢

206. Don't try to brainwash me. 別想給我洗腦

207. I don't seem to have any luck today. 我今天運氣不好

208. That reminds me. 那提醒了我

209. What the hell are you doing? 你到底在做什麼?

210. I can't seem to get to sleep. 我好象睡不著

211. You look very serious about something. 你似乎有很嚴重的事

212. I hope I'm not in the way. 我希望沒有造成妨礙

213. What are you so excited about? 什麼事讓你如此興奮?

214. Tell me about you trouble. 把你的煩惱告訴我

215. I feel much better now. 我感覺好多了

216. I hope you will get well soon. 希望你很快會恢復

217. She is sick in bed. 她臥病在床

218. I have a slight fever. 我輕微發燒

219. A fool never learns. 傻瓜永遠學不會

220. This is the schedule for tomorrow. 這是明天的日程安排

221. How late are you open? 你們營業到多晚?

222. I'm here on business. 我來這裡出差

223. What's Hong Kong famous for? 香港以什麼聞名?

224. What brings you to the USA? 什麼風把你吹到美國來的?

225. She looks blue. 她滿面憂傷

226. I just don't know what to say. 我就是不知道說什麼

227. Let's have fun tonight. 今晚讓我們享樂一番

228. Thank you for coming to see me off. 謝謝你來為我送行

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